Smile Gallery

Below you can see some of our patients who had a combination of issues including: periodontal disease, recessions, unaesthetic restorations and deep bites.  We treated these patients with procedures such as: gingival grafts, crown lengthening, implant placements and porcelain crowns and laminate veneers.


Severe periodontal disease, mobility and flaring of teeth, due to loss of some posterior teeth. Patient was treated by having her posterior bite restored by teeth on implants. The anterior teeth were restored by a combination of implants and crowns


Patient’s concern about the esthetic appearance in the front area was addressed with combination of Emax crowns and porcelain laminate veneers


Full mouth rehabilitation with porcelain crowns and a new removable partial denture


Full mouth rehabilitation of the patient’s dentition with a combination of periodontal surgery, bleaching, implants and porcelain fused to metal crowns


Esthetic rehabilitation of mandibular teeth with porcelain laminate veneers


Gingival recession and loss of the firm tissue can cause esthetic problems, tooth sensitivity and further recession. This problem was addressed by connective tissue grafting.


78 year old patient with tooth loss, severe bone resorption, discoloration of the teeth. The missing teeth were restored with implant retained fixed bridges with pink porcelain to replace the lost tissue. The discoloration was addressed by home bleaching